About Us


How we got started

Owner and founder Kyle Bond has an entrepreneurial spirit.  He has always enjoyed working with his hands, building things, working outside, and most importantly, working with people.  Seeing a need for this type of service in our area, and an opportunity to work doing the things he loves doing in a growing community with ample opportunity for growth, Kyle founded Preferred Small Engine Service & Repair in early 2019.  Kyle is married to his beautiful wife of ten years, Rylie, and they have two young outgoing boys together.  They enjoy spending time on the lake, four-wheeling, and doing things as a family. 


Mission Statement

To service and repair customer equipment with superior quality and timely service.  Our values are integrity, passion for excellence, commitment to customers, quality, accountability, and timeliness.  Our commitment to these values results in more economical and quicker repairs and exceptional customer satisfaction.